did the mom literally just step back while her kids got hit?!?! “Whoops not today”

omg whaaaat.

this is FUCKING WHAT CROSS WALKS ARE FOR.i hate when parents do this dont care about your kids lives?tf? 

Mom of the year. The kids are Gs tho..

SMMFH. She’s going to have a hell of a time explaining this to people.


Chill Out With These Awesome Relaxing GIFs


It’s Hotel Kakslauttanen! This is their glass igloo village where you can watch the beautiful and vivid northern lights from your bed. How wild would that be?! There is so much do and experience here. If you are brave enough you can take it one step further than the glass igloo, and sleep in real snow-built igloos! Of course, they have cabins too (that are absolutely amazing and drool worthy). I would love to go someday!

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Just when you thought he couldn’t look anymore like a mad man…